Police stop driver who stuffed his car with foliage

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We pay a smidge more in taxes in my neck of the woods, but it pays for our curbside compost pickup. No need for a truck.


As soon as I saw the headline I knew it was the UK. And it’s Stockport, not twenty miles from me. That’s exactly the kind of stupid stunt they pull around here. There’s only a limited amount you can get in your green recycle bin - a large one would take about a third of that lot. Maybe more if he chopped it up small. That would take time and effort, though. And they’ve probably elected to have a small recycle bin, because “we don’t throw out that much”. A small bin would not take a tenth of that car-load. Putting it in bags would take time. Instead you have a car you cant see out of, and a car that will take two hours to clean the inside properly. And the rozzers got 'im. Win!


My wife ran an arborist business out of her Toyota Matrix. Tools, ladder, green waste, everything. No roof rack. Drew the line at not being able to close the doors, though. Those things were magic; TARDIS cars.

Wait, what kind of car is that, anyway?


If you’re doing yard work, get a truck.

Or, I dunno, make two or more trips, perhaps?

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There’s a yard waste composting facility about a mile from my house. If the police around here ticketed people for driving cars stuffed with foliage, they’d bring in a lot of income! :slight_smile: Sometimes the driver is almost completely invisible.

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That’s not even weed, is it?

Can’t a guy and his very special foliage go for a ride without being hassled by the man?

Speaking of being hassled by the man, I’ll never forget the time I was riding my 125cc motorcycle from the Air Force base at RAF Upper Heyford to my shared flat in Bicester around midnight. I was dressed in my BDUs and had a grey poster tube slung across my back. The cops were concerned it was a bazooka.


This is brilliant way to make sure the cop never utters those immortal words: ‘Sir, I’m going to have to search your car for marijuana’


I’ve laid it on the line for them time and time again!

I was going to say “What, I thought this was America? So much for freedom,” but now I see that it took place in the UK, so – carry on, old chap. Pip pip.

One of the very first things I saw on my first trip to London was a guy in full rain gear, holding an umbrella over his lawn mower while he mowed his lawn in a downpour. So . . . yeah, the UK. I love it. But they’re . . . interesting.

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Look he is just trying to git-r-done.

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