Policeman busted for establishing fake police station and nude teen photos




Seriously Pesco, no need to be so circumspect. From the WCPO story:

When the police searched the apartment in late September, they found a bed, bedding, food, personal lubricant, videos and a night vision camera that was property of the Cincinnati Police Department.

Protect and Serve.


hopefully the police won’t use the badge to protect the perv


Oh good, now we’re famous for something besides that dusty old orchestra.


Well, there goes that campaign.


Nonsense! It was… performance art! Yea, that’s it, performance art!


In his August 2013 performance evaluation, Beavers exceeded all core and patrol performance standards, but only met standards in two categories: evidence management and compliance with policies and procedures.

Eh? He exceeded all standards, but failed to meet all but two standards?


Nope, read that as ‘all core standards’ and ‘all patrol performance standards’, which are two categories, apparently there are other categories.


From Pesco’s old stomping grounds. I agree the night vision camera and sex lube are significant. In addition, earliest reports stated the case began when Carlos Danger pictures of Darrell Beavers were found by the girl’s father on her phone.

Don’t hold your breath about any actual consequences. He’s only facing 8 years. Five years is the sentence Julian Steele ended up getting for intimidation and coercing actual sex, and he gets to serve it in a facility safe for cops. The charges against Steel carried a possible 70 years (http://www.fox19.com/Global/story.asp?s=10424290). My money says in Cincinnati, Beavers gets probation and his job back through arbitration.

More on Julian Steele: http://www.policemisconduct.net/the-case-officer-julian-steele/


I had to read that sentence like three times, but I think what it means is that he (1) exceeded core and patrol performance standards, but (2) merely met (but did not exceed) evidence management and compliance standards.


Yeah, after several more inspections, I think you’re right. Should be something like “Beavers exceeded all core and patrol performance standards, but in two other categories he only met standards…”

Terrible sentence.


Protect and service?


Interestingly this implies that neither evidence management nor compliance with policy standards are considered “core” to performance.


Eh. I imagine “core” just means “whatever doesn’t fit in the other three categories.”


Is anybody else struck by the fact that ‘the thin blue line’ would be a workable brand name for a specialty line of mechanical barrier prophylaxis products?


With a name like Beavers, is it really any wonder? It’s like with Anthony Wiener…perhaps the too of them should form a singing duo.


Orchestra??? I thought Cincinnati would be more famous for WKRP.


Impersonating a police officer is illegal. But this guy is a police officer; he was impersonating a police station.


New Scientist call it nominative determinism.


Just like Doctor Who.