Polish carbide cannon


The video’s own title says ‘Russian’.


Good old fashioned fun.

A friend of mine used to put some carbide in an empty paint can with a nail hole
in the bottom, spit on the carbide, put the lid on, hold it down with his foot then
hold a match to the hole. (don’t get in the way of the lid)


Big noise, black smoke
So pig-headed couldn’t see the joke.


My 77 year old uncle always used to make jokes about the Polaks. Apparently the Poles and the Ukrainians (about whom he also makes jokes) were the lowest tier of society around Melville, Saskatchewan in the 40’s and 50’s (excepting First Nations, which are ALWAYS lower than the lowest around these here parts)


As a person with Polish ancestors I demand an apology for this demeaning terminology referring to Polish people as idiots. I find this very interesting given that Boing Boing has been very Anti-Hate in regards to Donald Trump. I call it hypocrisy. Or I could be someone who can take a joke and not be offended at all. Hmm which one should I be?


What?? Say it again, I only heard half the joke!


Used to be able to buy it from the classifieds in Boy’s Life.

Fun stuff. I miss those days sometimes…


That’s the stuff! Guess Amazon is the new Boy’s Life


In the 70’s Polish jokes were pretty common too.

I remember buying joke books at school (Arrow/Scholastic) and they were full of ethnic jokes, Poles and Italians being the most popular, if I remember right.


If you want to tell a joke like that to a Pole, just change it to a Russian. They have the same jokes, only they hate the Russians.






No kidding. You can paint these very quickly. . . if you dump paint into a carbide cannon and aim it at a canvas.


As far as i can tell “Polish Carbide Cannon” wasn’t used to make a joke on the people in the video. They are, in fact, polish men who are lighting a cannon. So it seems an accurate description, not a jab. However i find that the Polish part is unnecessary and one could just title the post Carbide Cannon.


I remember these from when I was a kid:

Never had one myself, but they were fun to play with!


Really? Didn’t know that. But rice doesn’t grow where I am from, so not surprising.

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