Polish newspaper offers anti-semitic tirade "proving" Poland never did anything anti-semitic


Or we could just talk about this particular history.



Damn. I was hoping this trend would have taken hold instead…https://www.timesofisrael.com/polish-fashion-entrepreneur-makes-being-jewish-sexy/


The Germans imposed death penalty on helping Jews in any way. Lots of people would ‘fall in line’ under those conditions. On the other hand, from wikipedia:
" During the German occupation, many ethnic Poles, at the greatest risk to themselves and their families, succeeded in saving Jews from the Germans. Polish rescuers represent the greatest number of persons, of any nationality, who saved Jews during the Holocaust. The State of Israel has recognized 6,863 individuals as Polish Righteous among the Nations."

This whole discussion must be seen in the context of demands that Poland should compensate Holocaust victims, which Poland doesn’t consider reasonable given how they were victims too.


I think the point may have been garbled. It’s easy because it’s right, and it’s easy to therefore let it cover up a lot of other issues. For example, non-Germans’ willing (sometimes eager) participation. It’s a bumper-sticker, not a discussion.


Yes, I want to return to Japan someday and travel beyond Tokyo and this is one of the reasons.


It’s worth to add that individual victims or surviving members of their family do get compensated for lost property, at least if the property is public - I’m not sure about private property, because after 30 years it can change ownership under squatter’s rights. Kamienica type building neighbouring with former military housing where I own a flat was recently given back to the relatives of former owners. There’s many more cases like this. What is currently contested is property with no living relatives of former owners.



They have apparently not learned from their own history to protect the rights of oppressed minorities. Of course, this is a right wing nationalist government, and those absolutely require an “other” to demonize.

ETA: Not sure why ABC News is not one boxing, sorry.


Take out everything from the ? on…that should solve the problem.

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