Poll: Trump at 1% among black voters


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The "Blacks for Trump" guy used to be in a murder cult



Wow, that high?


Yeah, I was boggled at the thought that there might be 7,500 African-Americans in the country willing to vote for the Short-Fingered Vulgarian, much less the 750,000 implied by the headline. But the MoE explains that.


that was going to be my response.


Could also be generous rounding. I can see the argument that representing 0.2% or 0.1% as 1% is less misleading than representing it as 0% for the average person.


Actually, it’s 101%, but the polling software can’t display such great, really tremendous numbers.

  • Trump 2016!


But rounding up from ~0.0001% feels dishonest :wink:


That high, huh? Guess it goes to show that idiocy is no respecter of racial heritage and history.


I’d have expected that average people are more likely to complain than average mathematicians. Those folks really care about the difference between 0 (“zero”) and ε (“epsilon”).


Never watch tired Trump any more. Repetitive. Bad ratings. What happened, GOP? Sad.


Well what does that tell ya?!

It’s no wonder why. I mean…“Look at him!” “My African-American!”. He can’t help but offend - even as he tries to pander.

He’s a bigot, and anybody that has paid any attention knows it.


I’m sure thus could be used by Trump supporters to prove that those people just don’t love this country the way they should.


My reaction as well. I had the impression his support among black Americans would’ve been more concisely expressed in scientific notation.


This doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is how high Trump’s general support is.

I shouldn’t be surprised by the depth and intensity of the racism and proud ignorance that are the driving factors of Trump’s campaign but I retain this belief that we’re better than the evidence suggests.


Saw this on a relative’s Facebook wall:

It’s like there isn’t even enough self-awareness to realize that their first line of defense on this is the tired “I’m not a racist, some of my best friends are black!” trope.

Usually I try to avoid Facebook during elections. ::sigh::

Edit: I also just noticed that in a montage of six pictures, the designer of this graphic couldn’t even find six different black men to fill the spots.


Are those even different events? It looks like the color of his tie was maybe shooped in one. Maybe the last one with the bowtie was a sporting event?



I suppose you could try explaining to your relative that people have been suing Trump for racist discrimination since at least the early 70s, but I doubt that would really make a difference.

I suspect black voters have a longer collective memory about that sort of thing. Or in the very least are more likely to notice the racism he’s spewing now.


I think this may be another example of the Lizardman Constant in action.


Well, average people vastly outnumber average mathematicians, but the average mathematician’s rage about misrepresented numbers is vastly larger, so I’d say it’s a toss up.

It turns out most people translate 1% to “never” or “almost none”. Not too long ago I had a surgery and the doctor told me I only had about a 1% chance of dying. Based on the nature of the surgery I replied, “It better not be 1%!” and the doctor immediately went into, Oh, you understand what 1% means mode, explaining to me that lawyers told them they had to give odds but there wasn’t any reasonable way to quantify them. Apparently the vast majority of people don’t think a 1% chance of dying today is a big deal.