Polyphia's "The Audacity" is jaw-droppingly beautiful in its complexity

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You may be aware of this, but it’s worth mentioning that Tim Henson, the lead guitarist of Polyphia who writes most of their music, has cited hip hop as his major musical influence and makes liberal use of newer technologies like Ableton and other digital software to write his music. He doesn’t write music on his guitar. He writes it in software first and then works out how to play it. So hip-hop and Ableton don’t have to be an impediment to the growth of rock music, if rock musicians want to make use of it instead of complaining about how it’s killing rock. I highly recommend watching this video if you like Polyphia.


Oh, I love rap.

I recently jumped on the Polyphia train and Chimera is one of the tracks that swayed me. My portion on rap in this blog was more about how its usurped rock’s “cool” in the culture conversation. I’m a fan of both.

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Yeah I was just pointing out that there is room in rock for influences from hip-hop and for using modern music making tech, and Polyphia is a great example of that. I really like Polyphia, and I’m way outside the age range of their demographic.

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Yay! Prog rock is back!

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