Pomeranian plays the piano with great enthusiasm and purpose


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“I said squee, not C.”


From a Pomeranian I was expecting a polka, not a tango.


All the squeals…


Fucking dog has fucking papers


Shila is an extremely fluffy pommo whose work I enthusiastically recommend.


Eh - he/she looks unsure of itself and timid. But he/she is as cwute as a wittle button. Yes they are! Yes they are! Wittle puff ball of musical tawent!



/rolls eyes, waves cigarette holder dismissively

Talentless hack.


I for one am not impressed. If you look closely you can tell the human is actually playing most of the notes.


Can all Pomeranians masquerade as (very cute) stuffed animals?

I was walking on the edge of the uncanny valley watching Shila move under her own power.


I spent way too long looking at her Instagram :smile:


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