Pong beautifully remade as a physical, analog tabletop arcade game


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My God. It’s finally happened. We’ve gone Full Nostalgia.


This should really have the word “analog” in the title, otherwise it’s :zzz:


I hope they don’t try this with Centipede-- it would make a mess.


Good call, man. Thanks!


It’s better than anything that the company calling itself Atari has done in a long time.


How is this analog? I see ICs and stepper motors.


I swear that we saw this several years ago, here on teh Boing.

But the googles, they fail me.



Heh. Someone made a more complicated version of air hockey, and called it Pong.


Wouldn’t it be super-awesome if they could figure out how to get it 3-D, and move it away from a flat-plane?



Wow. That’s amazing. Some great craftsmanship went into that. Gorgeous. Thanks!


Ugh. Case in point:


The Pongmechanic is an electromechanical pong unit built in 2003-2004 using old telephone relays to form an analog computer. It is a thing of ingenious beauty:


The controls are analog, if nothing else.


Are they? Rotary encoders are usually digital.


It’s an analog control in that the movement of the wheel is analogous to the movement of the paddle.



All I ask is for them to hold the fucking camera steady for two seconds.



Thank you.


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