Ponyhenge is a place where toy rocking horses go to die

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Druidly sublime. :carousel_horse:


This is like a sacred place in a Mad Max postapocalypse.


Holy heck, I live near here! I’m not telling my wife or kids, so next time we head to Drumlin Farms for a nice walk, I’m going to say…“Hold on a sec, pull over here. I thought I heard some horses…”.


Oh yeah, this is right by me, near my friend’s mom’s house. I don’t think I even noticed it the first few times I drove by but now I can’t unsee.

I know! I only live one town away (and took my son to many Drumlin Farm camps*); how do I not know about this?!

*MassAudubon has fantastic camps – day and sleep-away – by the way. High recommend if you live in the Boston area and have kiddos.

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