This artist attached toy ponies to Portland horse rings

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First- why can people only post comments via, because clicking on “comments” just links back to the original article?

I love when people do things like this. It really makes my day.

I hadn’t thought of doing something like this, but this is awesome. The city I just moved from has standing horse posts all over the place, well in the affluent areas. Some are “historical”, and from time to time the locals make a point of tying up an actual horse to a posting a picture. I’m kind of surprised that somebody hasn’t taken a hoarse themed, vinyl and latex fantasy photo shoot to upset the locals. Perhaps someone has done that, but I am quite sure that the city council and locals only website is unaware if it has taken place, because I am quite sure they would have buckets of outrage to pour out on something like that. I’m pretty sure there would be locals here, willing to tell off some parent for letting their kids tie up their horse and pony toys to one of these horse rings.


You should alert the powers that be, as that seems like a glitch… @orenwolf


We found this one while exploring Portland in November 2020. It’s wearing a COVID mask.


I echo what the commenters above have said regarding navigation to the comments; I notice that this seems to only be an issue with Popkin’s articles. My job requires travel throughout the residential areas of Portland and some surrounding suburbs. I love seeing these. I have a colleague who collects model horses and I always had to take a picture for her when I saw one while doing field work.


Gotta love Doug B’s comment twice! :heart:

I’m a Portlander since 1997, but I apparently frequent the wrong parts of town. I’ve even worked downtown, so maybe I’m just unlucky.

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I ran into them mostly in inner N/NE, Vernon, King, Boise-Eliot. My observations were mostly in those neighborhood (because that’s where I was working), but I think you have a good chance of running into them anywhere in the inner east side or in NW west of I-405.

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