😶 Poorly-Worded Advice 😶


Share your poorly-worded advice (original or referenced) here.

As is customary, I’ll start.

Woke up this morning to find that my post-lights-out, snack-in-bed of Ghiradelli chocolate had been messier than I recalled. (My defense: it was dark, I was hungry, and I had access to chocolate.) Bits of melted chocolate everywhere in the vicinity of my pillow. My first-minute-of-cognizant-consciousness conclusion:

Never get in bed with chocolate.

[shakes head]


You can never put too much water in a nuclear reactor.


When you hold the frog, try not to touch the hairs.


“Always add water to the acid, not the other way around.”

Exothermic reactions for the win!
(Be sure to know where the emergency showed is, and how to dial 911 by touch…)


Same for enchiladas with mole sauce. Or, uhm, so I hear. Posting for a friend.


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