Pop culture monsters redesigned in Mayan art style


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The Cthulhu one is redundant. The Maya already know Him more intimately than you or I.


Have they done a Boba Fett? I have a cool Boba Fett Day of the Dead print (#44).


Reminds me that I really should get around to re-reading a book I have on the history surrounding the deciphering of Mayan glyphs!


These are dope as hell


Bah! It’s just Pop Cultural Appropriation! :wink:


Quetzalcoatlus Mayanized

Now I’m confused.


It’s an Aztec god.

Maya =/= Aztec


Babo Fett says “Kids, remember! Never play in the sarlacc!”


Kukulkan is Quetzalcoatl Mayanized.


There’s a Millenium Falcon, but I see no Fetts.


Quetzalcoatlus is a Pterosaur, a very large prehistoric flying reptile. It gets its name from Quetzalcoatl.

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