Pornhub’s 2016 year in review


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I am remarkably unsurprised that the good ol u.s. of a. came out on top.

Emphasis on “came”.


wow 12.5 videos per person on earth, hmm I wonder who is making up for my slack?


Josh Marshall?


It was interesting to find out that it seems to be mostly Canada, Brazil and Russia driving the increase in Overwatch porn.


Good point.


Let’s rejoice that “MILF” and “step mom” are above “teen” and “step sister” in the most searched terms list… but barely…


Sort of explains the global drop in productivity…


Those numbers sound about right for me, but what are the numbers for the rest of the world?


Do these numbers only count Pornhub, or are they an aggregate of all the various porn sites?

Because if this is just Pornhub then I’m sure the actual statistics are much much larger.



(Admission: I almost typed “that’s what she said” at the end there.)



Yes, but Iceland at number 2! They only have a population of about 330,000! I guess you gotta do something when the winters are so long and dark…


It’s possible that a lot of VPN use to get past censorship walls is pretending to be from North American and European countries.



Those rankings are for per capita page views.


I Googled ‘overwatch’ and found a computer game. There’s a reference or joke here that I am definitely not getting.

edit: ok read the article which clarified it a slight bit. I’m still confused though. Could it be that pornhub just became the most convenient place to upload those videos and that fellow gamers are watching them to get better at the game rather than for the purpose of self pleasure?


I doubt it. Overwatch is a hugely popular game these past several months. Some of the characters in the game look sexy (though as far as I know, Overwatch is just a first-person-shooter with exactly no sex-related content. Like a Disney cartoon with nothing but shooting.). So some gamers like to imagine some of those characters having sex. Sensing this unfilled market niche, enterprising porn-makers (most of them probably amateurs) make Overwatch porn to satisfy the demand.

It’s not terribly far removed, conceptually, from Popeye-and-Olive-Oyl porn, though arguably easier to watch.


Hey, Brits…