Portland's sword wielding "high" elf found guilty

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The juxtaposition between this and the Adult Swim acid trip simulator is perfect.


Only probation? For crimes against property? The owner must be poor.


“That’s why I love being crazy. … It’s my get-out-of-jail-free card,” Bass was quoted as saying.

Oh, if only worked ALL THE TIME…

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If he was a Drow, it would have been automatic jail time for him.


Apparently the word only selectively got out that “BMW” also means “Break-My-Windows.”


Flashy neon silk outfit, hard drugs, public chaos, general mayhem and back in the police blotter just one more time?

Ah, to be young again…


This guilty verdict seems correct, although I am curious to know what sentence accompanied it.

I found the sentence, seem’s quite reasonable:

The judge ordered Bass to get mental health treatment, drug- and alcohol treatment and banned him from possessing any weapons.

Walker also sentenced Bass to 1 1/2 years of probation – and told him that he could put Bass in jail if he steps out of line with another drug-fueled episode.

He may claim he wasn’t in control when he attacked that lady’s car, but at some point prior to that he did make choices which led to this sequence of events.

He chose to take a cocktail of drugs, and he did so in spite of knowing he had bipolar disorder.

What did he expect? Psychoactive drugs can be very potent (even without bipolar disorder). Such substances should be imbibed only with the utmost caution and respect for what you are doing. He failed to do so and now is suffering the consequences.


That sentence is actually sensible. Really not what we’ve grown to expect from the US prison-industrial complex.

Too little melanin in his skin for a life sentence sentence in solitary in a Supermax, maybe?


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