LA man’s carbon-neutral reign of terror may have come to end

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I’m glad that the bail amount was set so high but whether or not he gets to be free while awaiting trial should have nothing to do with how much money that he or his family have access to. He’s either safe to release in public or he’s not. (And evidence suggests the answer is definitely not.) The cash bail system is stupid and I thought we were supposed to be moving away from it in California.


what was the motive for all of these attacks?


From the ABC coverage it sounds like irrational road rage. One driver was apparently attacked because the tried to get the guys license plate number after witnessing the attacker run another car off the road.


Betcha he’s got one of these…
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A Tesla driver being an aggressive dick? The hell you say! I keep well clear of them around here, because if they’re not dicks, they’re clueless, which is almost as dangerous. Yes, I’m stereotyping. Yes, I’m comfortable with that.


It’d be ironic if his prison work was to make license plates.


I find it rather frightening that he’s gotten away with it this long - it sounds like he’s been driving around in a car with absent/blacked-out license plates, attacking cars and people for months at least, and even with multiple videos made, it took this long for him to be caught. I wonder if he ever would have been caught if the videos hadn’t existed. Seems like the cops would have been interested in the blacked-out plates, but I guess they’re too busy pulling people over for having too-dark skin, instead. Also it’s just disturbing that there are even people who think they can behave this way and it’s not going to be an issue for them.


I wonder if it’s the same guy who apparently had a brush with family court in " VIEN, LISA VS RADIMAK, NATHANIEL WALTERS" sometime last year. Not a desperately common name; but that’s definitely not confirmation.


In the least shocking twist ever, the majority of his victims are women. One time some dickhead decided to get froggy with me (something about a parking space?). Back then, I was a long-haired freak driving a 1985 LeSaber (rip). He got out of his car and began stalking back toward me. The second I stepped out and he realized I was a 6’ 1” tall man in his early 20s, he popped right back in his car and drove off. Made me want to chase him down and let the air out of all of his tires.


I guess the inaccuracy makes for a catchier title.


an undercover cop, in a rage (and over something that had obviously happened just prior to our meeting) pulled that “I’m gonna take off my badge and gun” bullshit on me while I was seated one fine morning. I absolutely did not want to throw down but I didn’t think I had a choice, he was determined to fight me. so I resignedly, slowly, rose; and rose, and rose to my full height, about a foot more than his. he stammered something about letting me off with a warning and got back in his car. ACAB.


This guys a peach

2009 : Petit theft : Miami Dade County, Florida Criminal Court Record - judyrecords
2010 : CHALLENGE TO FIGHT-DISORDERLY CONDUCT : Las Vegas, Nevada Justice Court Record - judyrecords
2010 : Driving without a license : Milwaukee, Wisconsin Municipal Court Record - judyrecords
2010 : Driving without any plates : Milwaukee, Wisconsin Municipal Court Record - judyrecords
2013 : Domestic Violence : San Diego County, California Court Record - judyrecords
2014 : Theft in the Third Degree from Whole Foods : Oregon Court Record - judyrecords
2015 : VC21658(B)-I: Slow Traffic To Use Designated Lane : San Bernardino County, California Court Record - judyrecords

Ya, this isn’t road rage, this guy has a screw loose.


That’s Showbiz Kazenzakis level of miscreancy!

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There was a ballot measure promoted by the bail bonds industry that overturned the law getting rid of cash bail. A big argument used was that the “risk” assessment would be racist, which while I’m sure that’s true it’s hard to imagine it being worse than the current system.


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For one, he left open the possibility that Tesla drivers might be clueless. Second, it kinda reads like hypebole to me. It might lower your BP to read it as such.


The court documents associated with that case seem to include a restraining order.

So I guess it couldn’t possibly be him. I mean, there’s no way that a guy who randomly assaults other drivers on the highway could possibly have a history of the kind of behavior that would cause his spouse or ex-spouse to take out a restraining order against him.

It’s probably irresponsible to speculate about his motives, but given that he’s tooling around in a $100,000 vehicle, I suspect that pleading “economic insecurity” as a defense isn’t going to fly.

ETA: Oh, and @gene_wood has found the 2013 domestic violence charge that we all knew would be there on his rap sheet. And the petitioner in the 2013 case has a different name from the one in the case that @fuzzyfungus found, so that’s two restraining orders against him from different women. Shocked, just shocked, etc.


Or maybe 'Roid Rage.

A long-time peach, to boot. I hope he spends at least as much time in the hoosegow. Folks don’t need someone like that on the loose.


He a carbon neutral nut!

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Yeah, besides, everybody knows that the only verifiable group of assholes drive BMWs.