Post Debate Online Polls Election 2016

Data taken from a poll of online polls.
Looks like a dead heat, with 51% of poll respondents stating that Marblecake also the game won the debate, 40% thought the debate was won by moot, and 9% undecided.

Because of the unscientific nature of these online polls, there is no way to know the margin for error, although the spokesman for Marblecake also the game stated that the Marblecake 2016 campaign had in no way hacked or tried to influence the polls.

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Most post debate polls favor Trump, and mostly by a wide margin. PPP and CNN are the outliers.


The reddit and 4Chan threads listing every post debate poll that the Pro-Trump centipedes are to spam with votes.

In short: who knows?


Hillary pulled her punches. It’s that simple.

She needs to get down on his level, roll around in the dirt a little, and call him out for what he is: ISIS’ #1 recruiter.


Consensus I’m seeing is that Clinton crushed it:

A CNN/ORC flash poll found that 62 percent said the Democrat won, compared to 27 percent who picked Trump. That’s on par with 2012, when Mitt Romney was seen as the winner of the first debate.

In a separate instant-poll from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, 51 percent said Clinton won and 40 percent picked Trump.


Disagree. Might win a few Trump voters, but will lose many more Hillary supporters who don’t want a Liberal version of Trump.


Yeah yeah, I know it’s a Conservative rag, but still I tried to find a lot of other sources with polls. CNN and PPP are the only two I could find that favor Clinton:

Here’s the Reddit thread with the discussion about skewing all the online polls:

But really, I have a hard time finding any polls that favor Clinton except for, as I said, CNN and PPP.

ETA: Another Reddit thread:


Why? Are there policy positions that similar?

Rolling around in the dirt with him doesn’t make her a Liberal version of Trump. It simply means she’s not intimidated by his tactics. Instead of all this “ooo, he said bad words, that’s not very nice Donald” she should focus on why nobody should ever vote for him. Mullah Donald is doing all ISIS’ recruiting for them, and will be a war criminal from day one should he get into office. He not only doesn’t have the temperament to be President, he barely has the temperament to go outside by himself without a caretaker. If another leader says something that tweaks his ego just a little bit, he will send our troops to war. If someone in the US says something that tweaks his ego, he will restrict free speech and free press like an American Erdoğan. Even if he himself can’t do it, he will appoint Supreme Court judges who will. These judges will also make rulings that make Citizens United look like the fairest law ever passed.

So if I were Hillary Clinton, I would keep poking and poking at that short-fingered, short-dicked, marmot-headed orangutan’s stumpy little ego, until he explodes all over the stage. It’s better he explodes a little now when he can’t do shit about it and it will make him look bad, rather than explode a lot later when the consequences are infinitely worse.


Trying to get down to Trump’s level is a fool’s game. You might as well try to out-limbo Hermes Conrad.


The analysis from FiveThirtyEight shows a pretty clear Clinton win, though it will be at least a few more days before there’s time to really let the data settle in.


Read that as well. Would tend to agree that she won the debate personally, but Nate Silver has been consistently stymied by how this election has been going.

Even he isn’t sure how this debate is going to shake out, which he says as much in that article. Hillary won by just about everyone’s accounts (even white supremacists), but he’s not sure that Trump won’t somehow gain ground from it.

What if Clinton doesn’t improve in the polls — or they even move toward Trump?

Hence my posts on the topic wondering why all the polls except for 2 skew towards Trump. Guess we should have a clue by the weekend, as Silver says.

Most of the polls you’re talking about are self-selective polls. The two instant polls @Brainspore mentions are sampled polls. They are not at all the same thing.


Yep. Methodology matters.

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Silver is all over the place on this one. I figure that he got really lucky a few years back with his polling and since then polling has adjusted to his methods and we’re all back in the dark again. He literally never saw Trump coming to win the RNC.


Hillary’s being smart.

She knows not to wrestle a pig, because all you win is getting caked in shit and the pig likes it.


She’s being smart? Since when? She’s in a statistical dead heat against Donald Marmothead Trump! If this is her being smart, I’d hate to see her being dumb.

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