Post-pandemic desk design may have marketing problem

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Oops. However if it kills the open office concept I can live with it.


That desk plan goes wayyyy back… I think it is from about 1933, in Berlin.


Post-pandemic desk design may have marketing problem

What are you talking about?

I’m sure the Trumpists will love it.


“A design-based approach to reminding your human resource stock that work will set them free!”


Full marks for your image selection.


Way back before that…around 3000 BC if you take the 20th century national socialsim out of the symbol.

I say turn it 45 degree and call it an homage to it’s Buddhist and Hindu past.


I am really surprised that the econuts haven’t fastened on telework as a way of helping the environment. It results in a lot less driving so a lot less air pollution, less use of oil, et al. And companies that do a lot of government contract work should love it. The government (at least it did before President AnythingObamadidmustdisppear took over) presses those companies to set up rideshare programs and to encourage employees to use public transport in order to reduce miles driven. Reducing employee driving to 0 sounds like it would sell.

I get that, but on second thought, maybe just do away with the design that would be a homage to any religion that practices a caste system or other stratified hierarchy that refers to entire segments of the population as baddies and deletes.

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It might make your workforce nervous about the prospect of showers in the office.


Or the new way of making sure you always have your employee ID number handy.

[ok, this is getting too dark even for me. I’ll stop now.]


It shows up in a lot of native art in the southwest, which found it’s way into broader culture in the SW. Lots of buildings are decorated with swastikas, which is disconcerting. “Swastika” was also the name of my grandmothers college yearbook from the 1930’s. It was changed in the 40’s. And none of those swastikas slowed down my grandparents fighting actual Nazi’s (her building bombers and him first as a drill sargent and later in Europe).

They dealt with real Nazis waving real swastikas and didn’t come home and chip off the ones on buildings or burn their yearbooks. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t get worked up about the arrangement of desks unless it was done on purpose.


Agreed. We’re both terrible people.


Suckers who believe our rapidly vanishing clean water, clean air and biodiversity are existential issues that need to be addressed globally. Fucking psychopaths.


My boss is considering not having us return to working from the office. But it’s goes entirely against his values, so I have no idea what’s going to happen yet.

That said, the ventilation in our building is awful. It won’t matter how desks are aligned. Everyone there will get what anyone else has. They always do.


Hey, as long as I can not see my coworkers…


So it’s a pinwheel. What’s the big deal?


Marketing problem? Not if the GOP sees the picture. I can see it being a huge seller in come circles.


So when does 50 stars and 13 stripes become taboo?

Soon methinks.

My highschool was built in the early 1900s. Tiles in the bathroom were filled with all kind of designs. A few of them were swastikas. I noticed them as we learned about European history and asked my teacher why that was okay. Then she explained the Hindu connection and told me not to let some ignorant idealism usurp the design.

A Nazi flag and a swhastika are different. Unfortunately dumbass (usually white men) don’t know the difference.



This desk design tries to solve the wrong problem. In an office with air conditioning and air heating, especially in one without windows that could be opened to the outside, the air is going to recirculate, nothing is going to stop critters accumulation, and of course noise and smells.

The best solution is of course to make people work from home, instead of commuting, the only problem is in manufacturing, but in manufacturing there aren’t cubicles.

The solution for offices is what could be called the TARDIS solution. Build a prefab office container, with doors, windows and ventilation, and stack them. They’re normally used in warehouses, and ligher and more office like solutions are available.