Post Pics of Your Bookshelves

He’s one half the couple who pay the mortgage of the house I live in the basement of. He’s a PhD, not an MD, I just like the phrase, “the good Doctor.”

And organized isn’t even half of it. He’s deathly afraid for the welfare of his books. The word “dogear” is like nails on a chalkboard to him. His study has more bookshelves that aren’t pictured here. There is officially an ongoing bookshelf crisis. And the guy does get rid of books. He “just keeps the useful ones,” god love him.

It is great. I keep meaning to re-read.

Oh! Bending and folding. Those are the ones I keep behind my bed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aw yeah. They’re electrified through the original baseboard that I brought forward.


Forward my link above to Brodart. He might want to get a big roll, but the pre-sized ones are super fast to put the jackets in. Get a bone folder for to crease ti down for in between sizes and to help with origami.

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Did I spot some Pratchett in that second photo? :laughing: :sweat:


I’ve pretty much stopped acquiring hard copies, except for graphic novels, coffee table books and presents…
But here’s my little collection.

For peeps on a desktop:


For those wondering, Atomic was an Aussie overclocker’s mag, which was of such high quality for a good stretch that I stopped buying all other magazines, since they seemed a rip-off in comparison. Sweet presentation, awesome articles and cover discs, and minimum ads, which were well-placed. It’s gone to the dogs as of 5-10 years ago, though. Their forum was where I used to hang out before I discovered BB.

Oh, and if you don’t know what Analog is,


Not much incentive to overclock CPUs anymore. Prices have gone down, and most people have moved on to thrashing video cards for GPU computing.


The rot started before overclocking became old hat; it suffered the same fate as many awesome things that outgrew their niche.

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Might have. I don’t know the mag, so much as the time frame you mentioned. I’ll take a look, and let this get back to book shelves.

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OMG - Sam & Max Hit the Road! So you will get it when I say.

“Do something negative over there. No one we know or care about is over there.”

The original quote as about a bomb being thrown outside in the beginning and followed by:

“I hope no one was on that bus.”

“No one we know or care about, anyway.”


Actually, I acquired that from a thrift shop long after I had a machine running the OS it needs… I’ve been meaning to fire it up on a VM.

I played it back in the 90s. Genuinely funny and a great point and click adventure.


The last time I moved, I had just been diagnosed with Stage III cancer, so imagine all the books and bookcases of “the good Doctor” but with absolutely no organization anywhere.

No way I’m taking photos!


Amen to that. I occasionally do a little desultory defragging of the mostly random Big Wall of books (multi-volume sets are almost always together, and some subjects are kind-of coalescing, a process which will probably near completion around the time I die or move), but the general mess is an all-too-accurate reflection of my mind.

(Records and CDs, on the other hand, I always used to keep scrupulously organised, complete with a .csv catalogue. That approach went west when I started adding digitally acquired recordings.)


I began to suspect overclocking had peaked once people started running their rigs in literal baths of dimethicone.


The actual shelf is probably somewhere behind the paper mountain range

But I’m working on extending the shelf space! Honestly! It’s an ongoing project since years!

eta: I HATE the auto-cropping. is there a way to force Discourse to display the whole image, even if scaled?


My father is an author and growing up there were bookshelves everywhere (it was basically an Xzibit meme level of books and shelves). I had a pretty hefty book collection as a kid as well but once I moved out on my own my book collection was significantly pared down and now I rarely ever get printed books. The last physical book I purchased was the 3rd edition of the Art of Electronics.

I do keep a small collection of reference (mostly programming stuff) books, fun books (like HHGTG), and some ancient back issues of Wired in the office. Every time I move offices, my collection gets smaller and smaller, though. At home I have a couple of small shelves of books at home but they are such a mess with other stuff that I would get ridiculed if I posted it here.

Anyway here’s a picture of my office bookshelf:


I realized that my bookshelves overwhelmingly are very very visually based. This is obviously needed for things like art books, but even many of my history and science stuff is very visual. I do have more reading books behind the faced books, but I guess it would confirm that I am a very visually based person. Though I actually DO learn just fine by reading. When taking those left/right brain tests I am usually in the middle which means I am not really great at anything.


Bookshelves 1&2 of 5 (with the still-kicking college-dorm minifridge/tea bar/wet bar in the middle). I just moved earlier this summer, so organizing the bookcases is still down the priority list. Mostly hardback fiction and non-fiction; there used to be no open space on the shelves, but 5 moves in 37 months made me do some serious whittling down.

Bookcase #3: Dedicated paperback shelves. Top is sci-fi, middle is remaining Star Wars worth rereading, bottom is fantasy, then misc.

Remaining bookcases are in basement, with boardgames and RPG books, or in kitchen, with cookbooks.


Gah. That bookshelf needs further sorting.
You have Belgarath on a different shelf than Polgara. *eyetwitch*


I’m working on it! I just moved in and am still unpacking things (not helped by the heat). :wink:

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