Post that was very unfair & wrong

You did a pmost on my dtr-in-law that was very unfair & wrong! She is PISSED with the City Leaders! Her neighborhood got screwed over really bad!


You did post on my daughter that was very wrong! She has ever right to be angry with the City of Lincoln,Nebraska! The LEADERSHIP screwed over that little neighborhood really bad! YOU should have taken the
the time to really check out what she was saying! That is 1 pissed off old women!


Siri, seach for boing, lincoln, nebraska, and another boing.

I see.


all I can find is this!


I think you found the right one. The rant is a bit surrealist if you don’t know the context but I doubt she thought her rant would be “overheard” by the internet.

Anyway, the rant is about the town zoning industrial too close to a neighborhood and thus letting a concrete plant move in pretty close to long established houses. Seems to fit.


That woman? Wasn’t she doing that around here last year as well?

Also, the linked article is gone.

EDIT: Oops, the ranting woman is still there, it’s the ear-biting woman who is gone.

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sir, if you read what our community said in the comments of that post here:

you will find that we were ultimately sympathetic towards your daughter-in-law. we found some news items that showed how the city was not enforcing proper zoning which had impacted her home.

you must admit, though, she is a very unusual woman.


I hope @MrJGuzman_1922 comes back!


It’s kinda interesting to get follow-up (of a sort) on a story, isn’t it?


That is what the BBS community is for, we correct mistakes and a different perspective to posts. If you look here you can see that the post was not taken at face value and instead the community here dug in and uncovered the background story to the video of your daughter in law.

Also, welcome to BoingBoing and thank you for adding your voice to our community, I hope you stick around and enjoy the forum!


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