Post your Pet or animal Pics (Part 1)

That’s my policy for all animals that aren’t on a leash. If they’re interested they’ll come to you.


When I get back to my mammal buddies, I am gonna up my photography game.


You have red squirrels!? So lucky. Eurasian red squirrels are really amazingly cool squirrels, sad they’ve lost so much range. When I bird watch in other countries I also keep a list of squirrel species, I’ve IDed, would love to spot a red squirrel some day. I will spare everyone my species lists, though.

Also, wild hedgehogs in their native habitat would be wonderful to see.


The red squirrels are a lot of fun - they run past our window while we’re having meals and like climbing the trees lining the garden. Unfortunately my phone can’t take good zoom pictures of the bottom of the garden, but I’ve had fun watching them explore the treehouse in pairs.

I saw some interesting dark grey squirrels in China, their ears were quite distinctive.


My pets are gone, sadly, but I will try to find a few decent photos.

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Thanks. I always feel sort of embarrassed by them for bad light, too many shadows, too busy, etc., but I do much better outdoor bird and wildlife photography. Got to go to Costa Rica recently to go birding:

I do better with a telephoto and natural light with than a kitchen table and a hedgehog who really, really wants to dig around under the set.


There is a kind of squirrel I saw in Palo alto, I thought they were small escaped monkeys. Let me see if I can find a pic…


Ah yes, the Palo alto black squirrel. They are huuuge. And I swear to FSM they are as agile as anything I have ever seen.


I am not being weird about this

But you realize we are besties for life now, right?


Totally not weird at all, because you’re cool.

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I… I just can’t face the day.


In this corner of CT, I see mostly grey squirrels. But also rarely black (not huge like the Palo Alto kind) and white ones also. The white ones are rare, it’s been years since I’ve seen one.

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I never knew there was such a thing.


That is one weird looking critter. No wonder people think they see aliens sometimes.


Looks like a Grey Squirrel (with the eye ring) and a dark morph Fox Squirrel. Very cool to spot two squirrel species together.

Oh, oh, oh, also

This is a red-tailed squirrel in a pink banana tree. Just look at it!


I developed a hatred for California squirrels that took years to get over. I used to live in an apartment, and a specific squirrel would perch on a tree branch, look at me, and SCREAM. Every morning.

If I tried to shoo him off with a broom, he would gang rush me.

I suspect he was imprinted and thought he should be fed at all times by people. Still, he was an ahole.


yeah, that’s not my photo–though if I had got a pic of them jumping around the trees in palo alto it would have been better. (I was in a law office, and they didn’t want photos :D)

The ones in Savannah were like that. Psychotic little bastards.

I don’t have many decent photos of animals, and this one isn’t great, but I’m fond of it because it was from a great holiday I had.


Golden Eagle?

Those pinions are incredible.

I’ve seen quite a few raptors, one time I saw a golden eagle sitting on a power pole. The scowl it had was amazing. Lazer eyes.


Andean Condor.