Post your Pet or animal Pics


I’m thrilled that Bob’s doing well! Such a pretty floof ball. :heart_eyes_cat:


Ya, he was a very good boy. Unfortunately, we had to put him to sleep back in December… He did really well – got almost 3 bonus years after his cancer during which he never slowed down.
We really miss him. He was the only cat that let the wife give him bear hugs – instead of running away, he would burrow in for more.
My niece reminded me of this pic earlier today, so figured I’d do a Valentine’s post.


An oldie from 2000, my sister’s dog and a neighbor’s kitten:

I wish I could have gotten the chair leg out of the picture (other than by cropping), but it’s still one of my favorites.


Excitement! A man has come to work on the solar panels on the roof.


Oh. I’m so sorry. Still nice to hear you got more time with him than expected.


Internet find:


This poor fella was rescued from the streets in the middle of heavy rain and got a job as a security guard in the bar association in the state of Amapá, Brazil.


My cat crazy 9-year-old wants to go to Iceland now.


Boys being boys

“There can only be one (on top of the car tree)!”

(No longer true, we just acquired what Madam Mrs The Ratel calls “cat Gondor” for the living room.)


An angry fluffy potato:


Doing the dishes with an audience. I’m used to Other Cat (right) hanging out and “participating” in every.single.thing I do; getting double teamed with Alpha Cat(left) too is rare.



A contest of photos of felines promoted by a cat magazine from Portugal. Although it is an international contest, the instructions and rules are in Portuguese.



Is that like Moscow Rules?


Aw, puppie. I should not have watched that. I’m about at my limit for sadness this weekend :pensive:




I had not thought about it, but is this contest actually a way for spies to exchange secret photos over the Internet? If I send some pictures of kittens, can I be mistaken for a secret agent? I think in my case, I’m more like Maxwell Smart than James Bond.


Kitty Gondor



My cuteee