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They grow on trees…


Latest pictures of Jupiter from the Juno Orbital Probe

“Juno found that the Great Floof Cycone’s roots go 50 to 100 times deeper than Earth’s oceans and are warmer at the base than they are at the top,” said Andy Ingersoll, professor of planetary science at Caltech and a Juno co-investigator. “Guard hairs are associated with differences in temperature, and the warmth of the floof’s base explains the ferocious swirls we see at the top of the atmosphere.”

These are not paintings of Jupiter

Niko roundup


Alpha Cat as a monorail cat


Perfect term for it!



Here he is! On our latest camping trip.


This is Steven. He’s the spokesdog for a local brewery and he really wants a bite of my fish & chips.


Look at those eyes! It’s cruel of you to say no!


Those are some serious puppy dog eyes. I don’t know if I could resist that.


Cute little hint of an Elvis smile there, popping that lip up a bit - such a good pupper!



Looking for something else, I came across this old pic of Copper. She’s waiting for me to get out of bed.


Jarvis is new here


Wake up DAD!!!

What a cutie! Look at those ears!


Is it just me, or does Jarvis have large paws?


Yep, my eyes went to his paws first. It could be the perspective of the shot, but I love them paws, @Kimmo !


they kind of look like they might be polydactyl paws, actually. Can you tell us, @Kimmo! We must know what kind of widdle toes we’re admiring from afar!


Madam Mrs. The Ratel and the kit apparently left me asleep on the nursery floor. This is what I woke up to.


IIRC (not at home right now), they’re just normal paws, but they are frikken huge.

The lad’s gonna be a tank.