Pot encouraged at Colorado Symphony concert series


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And people say Americans have no appreciation for the high arts.

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Not that I want to make generalizations about pot smokers, but it would be great to bring some folks to a classical concert who have never listened to classical, and get them baked for some old warhorses like Beethoven’s 9th, Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” or Holst’s “The Planets.”


Fuck, That’s awesome!

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they really nailed the high notes.

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its not just for the parking lot outside the laser shows at the planetarium anymore.

next stop, Tanglewood!

Colorado should bring back the Laser light show + Pink Floyd music to the planetarium.


they really nailed the high notes.

Heh, one of our local Denver news stations used that quip this morning.

Any stoners who haven’t yet heard these, even incidentally, are too young to be smoking.

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Come to the concert and get ‘bassooned’.

This is one of the main advantages of legalization - you can actually and practically do the good stuff.

High restaurants, high classical concerts, high museum exhibits, highking tours… I’d really, really love to be able to safely enhance my experience of these things, rather than just being stuck with internet videos and console games. (Not that there is anything wrong with that… But the potential!)

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Yeah, but if you’ve ever been to an actual live symphony orchestra performance, by a good competent orchestra in a good hall. . . it’s pretty f%$king intense.

So if you are really high. . . .wow.

Is anyone else bothered by how disgusting it is to smoke out of a wind instrument? Perhaps it’s just a brass instrument thing, but I must say, one of the single grossest experiences I’ve ever had was inhaling through a tuba. A mistake I never made again.

Perhaps an oboe, being a shorter instrument that isn’t labyrinthine, can be kept from developing sewage odor in its works.


Encouraging people to smoke at a concert encourages non-smokers to not attend.

Secondhand smoke is a real problem. If you want to get high, do so privately. If you absolutely must get high in a public place, do so in a way that doesn’t involve combustion and the subsequent production of smoke that others must necessarily breathe - with or without their consent - if they wish to remain in the same area as you.

Inject, ingest, snort, absorb it through your skin via a DMSO laced slap patch, shove it up your ass, whatever the hell gets your rocks off, just don’t force your drug (and the carcinogens produced by incomplete combustion) onto others by dispersing it in to the goddamn air.

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So don’t attend already. If my local symphony had a “Cigars for Sibelius” event, I probably wouldn’t go. But if they advertised it clearly and it brought them some new audience, then that would be their prerogative.

Does anybody know if Colorado’s laws about smoking in public or private places have been generalized beyond tobacco?

If they really want to alienate non-smokers, I suppose that is their prerogative. I just can’t imagine excluding non-smokers will be good for their business or for their cause.

The enjoyment of music should be free to everyone - it shouldn’t be held hostage by those who insist upon shrouding themselves in clouds of toxic fumes in a place where others will be forced to breathe them in. Pop some pills, eat some brownies, do anything else, just please don’t be a jackass and drive away people by forcing your filth into their lungs.

If people went around with needles, forcibly injecting random strangers with chemicals, they’d be put in jail. For some reason we allow people to do the equivalent via smoke with no penalty.

I don’t know about generalized, but the laws pertaining to marijuana are pretty specific about it being illegal to smoke it in public. I’m assuming this is going to be classified as a “private” event.

The state’s going to have a lot to sort out over the next few years. You can’t turn on the local public radio stations in the morning without hearing some talk about regulations for standardization of THC content in edibles, labeling, and the like.

I’m not sure how this is alienating non smokers. I don’t smoke, so I’m not going to be attending the specifically advertised, “hey let’s all get stoned” series. I don’t have a problem with them doing it though, and it won’t keep me from showing up the next time they do Mahler.

if you dont like my fire, then dont come around.

i’m going to burn one down.

(that’s a hippie song lyric, fyi)

As a trumpet player, I washed my instrument often. The only smell was of valve oil, which isn’t inordinately bad. As a french horn player, the instrument is infinitely more complicated to wash, so I wasn’t quite as diligent about it. I can only imagine how hard it is to actually wash a tuba, so that’s probably the problem. As for inhaling through an oboe, if you’re the type of person to smoke through your instrument, I’m assuming you’re not the type to really maintain it well, nor are you going to care much once you’ve gotten high enough.