Potato chips as architecture - Sou Fujimoto's exhibit at Japan House in Los Angeles

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Many of my college friends were architecture majors, in one of the world’s most prestigious and pretentious schools. I saw so much of this stuff in the 80’s. The Dean of the school had only ever built one building, but published reams of impenetrable philosophy.

Being an engineer, I was baffled.

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I particularly like the one made of staples

No it fucking is not.

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It reads as a kind of in-joke or prank to me. As for his buildings, they are visually interesting, but don’t look that comfy. That house in Tokyo just gives me chills thinking about being in there during a cold spell in a Tokyo winter. And you’d have to be a master in curtain-fu to maintain any semblance of privacy in that place.

Well I think that building looks fantastic and I would love to live there!

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