Powerful short story about "the girls who did not make it"

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/02/23/powerful-short-story-about-the-girls-who-did-not-make-it.html


The road out of reporting it as a police-centered blotter, give or take reading at 7x to fit in a 7 minute news segment. Or playing sports as an inset frame. BBC News kind of changing the matte in any decent way at all. Palate cleanser any time someone decides to make a show longer than 5 minutes about getting hit by meteors or Van Allen Belts taking a break or Boris Yeltsin’s hairdresser.




Nightmare magazine also does a biweekly audio podcast. This was read (very well read) earlier in February

Well that was considerably better than anything I’ve ever written. Hope the author enjoys every success.

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