It’s like Riverdance with horse crap!


I knew that the handwaving must be because of all the flies!


“Dancercise … A rather ingenious coupling of the word 'dance” with the word “circumcise”.


//Thinking of something nice to say…

Well, the drone camera work is nice and it’s nice that this activity doesn’t require any specialized equipment or supporting garments.


I will never be able to tell you what color his eyes are. Mesmerizing.


The world-wide shortage of jock straps is finally making itself evident.

  • Wun Hung Lo


Hung like a horse… oh wait…


Isn’t the world depressing enough already?

  1. It’s like there’s something wrong with her pelvis so that she can’t bring her left leg ahead of the rest of her body.
  2. She’s never, ever gotten surgery. Nope. Never. Unh Unh.
  3. She must be suuuch an interesting conversationalist… Just imagine a conversation with her that lasts days. It’d be like Stephen Dedalus talking to Leopold Bloom. It’d move you to tears.
  4. That X-Rated video isn’t.


I love this lady because she’s passionate about prancing and doesn’t seem to care what anyone else thinks of it. This horse video isn’t the best introduction to her work. Start with this: and work your way up to prancing with horses and dudes in zebra pants.


Terrific closeup of the horse taking a dump at 3:30. What’s with that? Couldn’t the video editor find a way to cut around that? And the poor man in the zebra pants, juggling gerbils in his crotch, desperately clutching the last shreds of his self esteem as he imitates some flightless bird attempting to lift off. It just doesn’t get any classier than that.


She’s featured in the yearly Youtube Rewind best-of video for 2013:


That was on HuffPo about a year ago. Please do try to keep up.


wasn’t she up for a interwebs camel toe award a few years ago


So they are swingers right?


It’s me, Joanna Rohrback!


“George! The two legs are flapping and prancing again…”
“Just keep grazing Sam…maybe they’ll go away…”
“Aww hell no…they’re coming this way!”
“Just keep moving and don’t let them touch you…they seem to be attracted to the open fields: don’t bother them and hopefully they wont bother you…”


Good GOD how I love you, internet


A happy mutant, if ever there was one.