Pranksterish ice cream man


First of all, the ice-cream guy was amazing.

Secondy, my “suggested videos” after that one featured a lot of girls’ bottoms. I have never searched for girls bottoms! Maybe google just knows me better than I realised.

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Give that man a medal. He really understands the joy of a simple frozen treat.

Very cool. But enough of Gladwell and his damn huckster soundbites.


Video thumbnail does not relate to video.

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Ah but it does. Studies show that men are more likely to clicking on YouTube if they anticipate sexy women. Therefore the people at YouTube have allowed people it insert a “custom thumbnail” that may or may not relate to the video. What this does is increase the odds that one target group will click on the video. And it also is why the related videos will them go to women’s bottom.

The Sex Sells. And the technology is designed to use that sexy sex sex to get more clicks. Even funny videos like this, us the girl thumbnail trick. People click for the sexy girl but will stay for the funny.

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Oh! I didn’t know about the custom thumbnail bit. Well that explains a lot.

Still not sure how the bottoms are related to the ice-cream though. Maybe the women are big ice-cream fans?

When reading Gladwell’s Blink, I started to wonder about the applicability of some of his writings.

Google quickly shot down every story. Highly recommend this book: (at least, the first half)

Properly supported and cited literature focused on educating rather than telling a good story. Doesn’t sell so well, sadly.


No scoop for you!


Ensuring only people who want to click on a girl’s bottom watch the video… hmmm… explains the lack of humor in my life.

After about the 5th feint, I think I might have been screaming for ice cream.

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