Prankvertising: promo video for 'Carrie' remake features lady in NYC cafe with powers of telekinesis, rage

Remaking Carrie - again - is the dumbest idea ever. You know that Sissy Spacek stayed covered in the fake blood for four days straight while they shot the prom scenes? That Piper Laurie was pretty much dead meat career wise until they gave her that plump, juicy role that she NAILED (so to speak). I’m sorry but what on earth can you do to top this epic movie? The camera work, the crisp edits, the pitch perfect acting - it’s amazing. DO NOT TOUCH this Hollywood. Go find some other booty to plunder.

The movie Firestarter was filmed where I used to live, in Wilmington, NC. I knew the woman, then a child, whose house was used for the scenes where the attic goes up in flames. While shooting the movie, Drew Barrymore stayed in a rental townhome in the same community where the attic scene house is, which is also where this lady grew up. So, the local lady - then 9 - and Drew Barrymore became friends during the shooting.

Here’s the creepy part - her parents allowed her to watch the movie. That is, the movie where her good friend goes up and starts a roaring fire in the attic of her own home.

Yeah, more likely someone with a concealed handgun without a permit.

That will be for the remake of Firestarter.

Well, then they should have remade Firestarter rather than try to score on raising the corpse of Carrie again.

It’s only creepy if you have a “now here is the rest of the story.”

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