Prankvertising: promo video for 'Carrie' remake features lady in NYC cafe with powers of telekinesis, rage


It just confirms my distaste for reaction shots.

This is probably better than the film, and this was… kinda eh, but I like the concept in theory.

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I suppose I prefer “prankvertisements” over your basic, you know, advertisements.

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Cool idea, dumb execution. But that’s what you get when greed leads creativity.

If this real, I can only imagine that someday soon, some innocent bystander is going to have a heart attack and die in a prank like this. Or run out into the street in panic and get run over. Or pull out a weapon and attack the girl with psychic powers. Or…

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it’s even more basic. they just don’t want someone getting whacked by those rc chairs or the spring-loaded books, and suing.

but it does raise the nagging possibility that everyone is an actor, which really detracts from the experience. ah well.

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It’s all fun-and-games until the easily-frightened-yet-vigilant person with a concealed handgun permit walks in. (Not shown.)

Meta-prank: A situation in which an observer believes they are watching someone fall victim to a prank, but the entire situation is in fact a deception created to manipulate the observer.

that’s a pretty rare beast in nyc. (the gun permit part at least.)

They are definitely all actors - this isn’t done to random people off the street. (Why would a random construction worker carry a pipe into a coffee shop?)

The only real question, imo, is whether or not the “mark” actors are told in advance what is going to happen. Sort of like hiring people for one psych test but actually conducting another one, it allows you to control for a variety of variables (heart condition, concealed weapon) in a situation where they are unlikely to act violently, while still getting a “genuine” shot of someone completely surprised by what is happening.

Or they are all just told up front what is going on.

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I’m w/ the last sentence in the post: none of the remakes or sequels came close to the original movie. Some things were not meant to be copied. My money’s on Carrie taking her revenge on the whole cast & crew :smile:

I wonder how many of these are being filmed, and one smart guy figures out what’s really going on, walks right into the mayhem and calmly asks, “Okay - What movie is this about ?” - Only to have all trace of himself edited out.

But then, there’s the more likely probability that EVERYBODY on camera is actually an actor, including the “reactees”.

On one hand I would dislike being tricked into making a de facto commercial for a film (or any product) via a prank video designed to go viral.

On the other hand I think the world needs more weird randomness (or random weirdness), and I would probably have gotten a kick out of witnessing this live. I certainly got a kick out of seeing people freaked out, even if some of them were faking.

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I get it – in a media saturated world, how do you get attention for your crappy remake? I have an idea, how about, for the next shoot ‘em up film they send commandos out into the street and mow people down: “babies” … “shot” … "in mothers’ arms"… mans head “explodes” from “hollow point bullet to the head”. Real? Fake? Who cares? “LETS FCK WITH SOME CUSTOMERS!”.

The moment that got my bile up the most was when that dude and chick high-fived over their idiotic “achievement”… all those who work in marketing, advertising and PR up against the wall and a cultural renaissance may spontaneously erupt. Include the banksters and utopia will bloom.

Alternatively, they’re filming something like this when a real telekinetic bad-ass walks in, and he/she takes care of the faker…WITH A VENGEANCE!

Wait, I just wrote a movie. Nobody take my idea.


Reaction shots are what makes porn worthwhile.

yeah, if nothing else, there would be the issue of releases. at the very least there was a sign on the door about implicit consent to filming, blah, blah, blah. i would count an unaware actor as legit, kind of. there’s just no other way to do this and not be exposed to a lawsuit.

Am I the only one who would bust out laughing if they saw that? Awesome setup,but no one really thinks that it would be true. In America, people are beyond that… oh, wait… crap that explains a lot.

It suddenly occurs to me that it must be very hard to get the modern person’s attention.

…Also, the jaded urbanite too-many-video-games part of me just chimed in with a thought: It’d be a lot scarier/more awesome, if, say, ‘Ms. Telekinetic’ were to, say, light the stuntman on fire, instead.

I think the thought of (a second!) remake is…unnecessary. But I read the book: and I’ve seen Sissy Spacek kill John Travolta and impale her nutjob Momma a few times. That’s…enough for me.

I found this memetisement amusing…but as SK himself once wrote about his son (Joe Hill to you, Jack) complaining about leftovers: “This Shit…AGAIN?!”

Firestarter is the same book -basically- but is ripe for a proper remake: She burns them all down: the bullet, Rainbird, the horses, the good guys with guns…badass.

We keep feeding on our own tail like Ourouboros: Pop Will Eat Itself. But sometimes, it’s yummy I suppose…

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