Praying Mantis devours locust in time-lapse

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I always thought it was “preying” mantis and “praying” was wrong, but these days it seems like both are accepted. Did it change, or was I just taught wrong from the beginning?

To the best of my knowledge - engineer, non entomologist - the term praying mantis should refer to the most common variety (at least here in Europe) of mantis: Mantis religiosa (IT: mantide religiosa, FR: mante religieuse, SV: bönsyrsa, lit. prayer cricket)

Other kinds I would not call praying.
The ‘preying’ moniker is probably a retro-construction.

I’m a little dismayed that my cat and my kids – representing what are considered more highly evolved species – are such messy eaters in comparison to this fastidious fellow.


The locust is barely moving and is either very sick or sedated. This is a very cool timelapse, but not a fair fight.

It has religiosa right in the name, seriously? Sounds like I was misled, then.

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