Mantis squad activate! Watch praying mantises get aggressive in unison


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I, for one, welcome our new mantis overlords.


Thanks bro! I needed that…


Small dragon, big attitude.


One time, I was sitting outside on my front porch, and I looked down and saw three tiny little baby mantis’s running around on the arms of the rocker I was sitting in. As I looked at them, one of the little guys raised up his arms offensively, like he was going to attack me. He was easily only a half inch long, if that… So cute, so frightening!


I’ve found that a lot of bugs will put up their dukes when you shove a macro lens in their face.


The green one is clearly the group leader - note how it takes a moment to carefully adjust the posture of its nearby comrades, and is the first to defend the bunch.


baby mantises, mantis’, mantisesess, manti?

We need a Merriam Webster youtube vid on this one.


Btw, I think there were some details missing… Fixed it.


their egg pods release hundreds at a time. mine hatched when i was at school and i came home to a desk and living room overflowing with nymphs


Surely this is less “attack mode” and more “defense mode” (i.e. “I am big and scary and you definitely don’t want to eat me!” in response to a threat). Because while mantises are predators, they’re also pray prey.


i won’t lie, i was worried for the little guy.


The pale green one is big preggers.


Ah yes, much better,

those crawlies though.

*focus back to unic/ *
ah, much better.


What you did there, I see it.


Awwww. All they want is a hug.


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