Praying mantises wearing 3D glasses


This is so amazingly cool, but I bet Zorak would hate it Zorak Blinking


Is there any particular reason they were 3d printed rather than just cut out from lenses? They don’t look very smooth at all and look like they would just blur vision, rather than simply polarise it. Poor thing can’t even close her eyes.


I didn’t see anything in the article about the glasses being 3D-printed- they look like they were cut out.

And mantises, like other insects, can’t close their eyes anyway as they don’t have eyelids.

Final test results: mantises responded positively to Captain America: the Winter Soldier, but few thought watching it in 3D was worth the extra 6 bucks.


at least they are just put on using bees wax and removed after each session. so they aren’t being harmed.

i love praying mantis, they are super cool, and if you’ve ever been around them they certainly have different personalities/temperaments. Although I am also fond of spiders and large centipedes. :slight_smile:

Ha. Nearly got me there. Next you’ll be saying they don’t have eyebrows.

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