Predictably, Wells Fargo loves Equifax and suggests investing heavily in the company


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Well they are not wrong that your money will grow if you buy now. Remember the system isn’t broken it’s designed to be this way.


Invest now in Too Big To Fail Incorporated!


Why is Wells Fargo still in business? In a rational world, they corporation would have been dissolved for crimes against its customers.


See @euansmith above.



Well they charge to freeze your credit. So that makes sense to me. A business model where you get paid to fix the problems that you yourself have created is a pretty solid one.


Yeah actually this does seem like quite solid advice! Equifax will probably be just fine.


Yes. It’s basically a fancy way of saying “let’s buy now while the stock is in the toilet due to management’s demonstrated incompetence and corruption and then sell high in a few months to suckers who don’t realise that throwing a few executives out with golden parachutes doesn’t cure decades’ worth of rot.”


I wonder if there are still pest control outfits sprinkling ants and termites outside peoples’ homes?


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