Pregnant shoplifting suspect shot by Walgreens staffer

No, that’s not normal. Surprise or discomfort, sure. Angry enough to follow and shoot someone? Anyone with that emotional response to someone shoplifting needs to get help.


Anyone who thinks “That pregnant woman maybe stole something,” and then follows that up with, “So I should chase her with my gun,” is an asshole.

Anyone defending that asshole is an asshole of almost equal size.


Wrong tense; it matters.

The security guard wouldn’t have gotten maced had he not decided to actively pursue the woman who was suspected of stealing.

Irrelevant, other than to the jury who will judge him; he shouldn’t have shot anyone at all.


The Author of this post was pointing out the intersectionality of these topics in the US today. Because I’m fairly certain that the majority of shoplifters are not making the choice to risk incarceration for “fun”, but out of need, and the Us has the fourth-highest rate of unwanted pregnanices among high-income countries in Europe and the Americas, and then of course the gun violence for this sort of act to begin with. The intersectionality amongst wealthy countries is most definitely American.


Nah, there is nothing in a Walgreen’s more valuable than a person’s life. Nothing.


If you’re carrying and you pursue someone, their reaction to your pursuit is predictable. Which means shooting them for that reaction is about as close to premeditation as to not matter.


Surprise critical care c-section was verified as unplanned, I think? Yes I did step out of the house today wondering how my baby could come a little quicker if I shoplifted, thanks <3. Stand my ground, make my day! I’m still bulletproof like I was in my teens (50% sure, how does it even work anymore?) My flats need to be flatter but 6" taller, too. Who I threaten to full-fat cow milk the mace off to get that?


“Oh I’m just a widdle man widda gun
won’t sumbuddy pwo-tect me
I’m afwaid of evwy wun
so you better hope that
you can run…”

If I ever write a penny opera…


When you are carrying a gun, and put yourself in a position to get maced, like, I don’t know, following a woman to her car, you are responsible for what happens next. Because that is the move of a mall ninja asshole.


There is something in law called the eggshell skull rule. The idea is that if you punch someone and it turns out they have an unusually breakable skull, it’s no defense to say you didn’t know, because that sort of possibility is part of why you shouldn’t go around punching people.



And if everyone involved in this incident isn’t White and straight, the story and the reactions to it will get even worse.


I hate this timeline so much…


Should we be able to murder anyone because we suspect them of a crime though? The fact that people are even trying to justify this is gross.

The law says a person is allowed to have a day in court to try to prove they didn’t commit a crime. And what about that baby, I guess they can try the woman for that one since she might have committed a crime maybe?

So how many men that I suspect may have raped some one in their life am I allowed to go out and commit premeditated murder on? Can we get a number qualified here? One? Five? As many as I can bag before the press can’t make it sound justified any more?

How many people who I think might have defrauded the govt of some money the last few years can I just run down and shoot?

What a disgusting and fucked up way to think.

Zero the number is zero. And I’m able to live with that every day without breaking the law and shooting anyone just fine.


I guess it depends. If they’re a suspected shoplifter, shooting them is apparently understandable, but if you’re being stalked by someone with a gun even protecting yourself with mace is a bridge too far. That’s why it’s very important to look at this from the guard’s perspective and completely ignore what things were like for his victim. :unamused:


Well but if the victim was pregnant then can it really be a victim?

*I started to tag this as snark because I wish this was cynical but then I remembered that the legal status of pregnant people is actually in peril so it’s more of just a… painful realization.


I saw an interaction at my local chain pharmacy in which a guy came in and the woman at the register looked up, saw him and immediately said “You need to get out.” The man protested that he hadn’t done anything, and the woman snapped back “You kiddin’ me? You FAMOUS in here!” At which point he said something crude, and she told him off for using bad language. Whereupon he left.

It seems that he was a ‘frequent flyer’ with the habit of coming in late at night and filling his socks with merchandise.

As a loss prevention strategy, having employees who know who the bad actors are and can discourage them without use of force seems a lot more effective than chasing them to their cars and gunning them down.


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Of THEFT of mass produced CRAP from large chain retailer that has insurance for this kind of thing and some allowances in their budget for this kind of theft… at some point, we need to start putting people first, rather than profits…

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… trying to clean pepper spray off oneself with a firearm is definitely an off-label use of the product


Very inefficient, as well.
Clearly, big ammo at work on the marketing,


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