Premiere: Trippy cinematic surf music reissues from 1960s-70s Australia

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This will have to go on the wishlist for now but so so want this.
@pesco you have the best music recommendations.


Does it have the one where the guitar goes dun dun dun dundun dundun, dundun dundun, dundundundun dun over and over again for four solid mnutes, or am I thinking of all of them?


San Diego Surf Report!

A mile of mundane beachbreak from Santa Rita Place to the Mission Bay entrance channel. Only surfable when small, clean and peaky at high tide. South Jetty at the south end of the beach can get good, with shorter rights ending in a channel and longer lefts with a harder paddle back out. Gets crowded.

I like Japan’s greatest entry into Surf Pop more (@Modusoperandi, it does indeed go 'dun dun dun all the way through. Feature, not bug, see?)


great movie, can’t wait to get this record.
it’s a cracker of a day in sydney for a surf, and i have new fins to try out.
"Stacked this morning with straight clean 3-4ft (that’s 6-8 ft faces for the yanks) sets at Bondi. Finding a bank is the main issue with the groundswell so straight and strong. Maybe hit up other beaches or head out of town for a wave today."

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Thanks so much! I’m glad you dig what I dig!


that was an epic surf! i went to whale beach where that B&W pic of Tully was shot.

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