Prep school sex offender jailed after violating bail conditions


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Here he is out of the Harry Potter cosplay he uses in court.


“Prep school sex offender”

In ten years OMG/TMZ can do a “where are they now”.


He apparently failed to learn an important(though often under-emphasized) rule for being an overprivileged, entitled, horrible person: Most of the rules don’t apply to you; but when you run into one that does follow it right down to the letter and express whatever sentiments the context wants from you.

It’s like the ‘affluenza’ idiot who decided to flee to Mexico: when you are one of society’s coddled elites, you can get away with a lot; but this just makes the relative impact of what you can’t get away with something that you are even more of an idiot for not paying careful attention to.


Um, what?


… Judge Larry Smukler …

A name only a mother could love.


Curfews are a stupid idea.


Child grooming, actually, but…



I have no sympathy for him. He failed to uphold the conditions of his release and how has lost his freedom. I understand that the sex offender registry is dangerous, punitive and makes him a marked man but he still could have cleared these outings with his PO before they became violations.


This is what happens when parents ship their kids off to be raised by others. You get emotionally stunted boys who propagate the abuse they learned in these settings. It’s the breeding ground for Trumps and Tucker Carlsons.


I have a Laptop Walking business, is that wrong too?

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