President Nixon's housekeeper hypnotized into shoplifting

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Let’s not forget the time this article was immortalized in song by the inimitable Jay Ungar.

“to take the dresses former children.”

How beautifully surreal, but the actual command was to take the dresses “for her children.”

I am a former child myself, but look terrible in a dress.


This actually sounds a lot like scopolamine, which has definitely been around for long enough to be the cause of this phenomenon. The only thing that doesn’t fit, in fact, is the jasmine scent since scopolamine is scentless. (Maybe the woman was just wearing perrfume.)

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I’d have thought the MKULTRA boys would stay away from White House staff.

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Police also noted that she was driven to the scene in an “Access Hollywood” bus.

“Mr. President, the CIA boys want to test some of their new tricks they’ve been working on. We need a subject though.”
-“Hmm, I could spare my housekeeper. But only one time-I keep a clean house dammit!”


I shudder to think of what Lyndon Johnson’s housekeeper would be hypnotized into doing.


I guess we don’t need to call Falcor on this one?

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FYI The name of the Dr. in the original article you posted was Jaslow, not Maslow.

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I’m surprised nobody claimed to have been hypnotized into breaking into and bugging the DNC offices at the Watergate Hotel and Office Building, since it seems to have been a viable excuse.

You are getting very sleepy.

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