President Obama delivers eulogy for Charleston's Rev. Pinckney, slain in racist massacre


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I just watched Obama sing Amazing Grace, and I gotta say I enjoyed it tremendously. Confederate flag removed from state houses, gay folks can get married, Obamacare solidified by the Supremes, that’s not bad for a week in America.


about 1hr 22 mins in is beginning of Obama’s portion of the event


Legalise cannabis nationwide and Obama will immediately become best president ever.



No that would be is Ted Cruz won as President.


That is a superb (and disturbing) example of hyperbole. The opening of the Civil War? Gettysburg? Pearl Harbor? That’s just…pathetic, and doubly (ten-thousandly) so as it’s coming from a candidate for the presidency.


Thank Boing Boing and you, Xeni, for posting this whole link. @ 2015/06/26, 11:46 PM, the whole Pinckney memorial service is hard to find: there are so many cuts to Barack singing Amazing G. Again, thank you, because of this link I was able to watch the whole speech (w/o too much internet search time). Good speech!


Here’s the 37-minute cut


FYI - not everyone thought it was a great moment, just another attempt to use blackness for political ends:


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