President Obama's plan to take us to Mars


Why is it so important to return to earth? Seems like it adds an incredibly huge complicating factor. We should be recruiting people who are willing to go and found and entire new planetary civilization. I would be willing to make a one-way trip.



TL:DR. Can you elaborate?


(sorry I’m so illiterate)


I’m always amused to see people claim that Bush had this great Mars program in place that would have happened if only Obama hadn’t sabotaged it and cut the funding! Given that it was a grand, expensive, completely infeasible project for which no money had ever been allocated and was entirely left for whoever came after him to actually make work. I recollect that Bush sr. had an even more ambitious plan for colonizing the solar system, again unfunded and planned for the distant future.


That’s just not true (unless you just mean we don’t currently have a spaceship lying around the place in a hangar somewhere).


They’re building a starship! A starship, a starship!


Say what you will, but the Mars colonies have a vibrant drag scene.


can’t wait for president clinton to say the same thing in 2024: "we will go to mars in 2040"
seriously: if we stop spending crapload of money on wars, imaginary (russia) and not so imaginary (iraq), we would be able to do this.
also, stop voting for people like trump and clinton. they keep talking about “the change”, yet they never changed anything. want change? vote for something/someone else.


I can’t pay no doctor bills
But Whitey’s on the moon
Ten years from now I’ll be paying still
While Whitey’s on the moon.

–Gil Scott-Heron


He wasn’t, no whiteys on the moon in 1980. Had we kept at it though, there’d be lots of people on the moon now aside from whitey.


You’re forgetting about these whiteys secretly on the moon, eh?


It’s an old story. The voyage and the implied return.


Did Bernie say anything about Mars? According to feelthebern,com, he’s only interested in funding space exploration if we’ve already met the needs of Americans on Earth (or if it furthers meeting their needs, I guess). So in other words, never?

Gary Johnson is probably in favor of market forces putting us in space.

Jill Stein is pro-NASA, but only if it goes gluten-free.


Trump says he’s going to restore law and order on Mars,


Ahnold has jurisdiction i’m afraid


We could meet the needs of the people on earth. We make choices that doesn’t let that happen.


If we send a shit ton of people to Mars they won’t be on Earth any more so we won’t have to worry about their needs. Incidentally it’d make it easier to meet the needs of those still here.


He patted her Frankel gently. She patted his new Courage. Then they went to the bedroom, and after circumnavigating the globe and passing through 1023 possible universes Ulysses finally returned to Ithaca.


Kornbluth is way ahead of you.