“Pretty Maids All in a Row”: Roger Vadim’s outrageous early 70s sex-and-murder black comedy


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i find the lack of bras… intriguing.


I watched this years ago under the mistaken impression that it was closely related to the Eagles song of the same name.


softcore semi-misogynistic erotica of the original story — about a high school guidance counselor and football coach who sleeps with a lot of his foxy female students and then murders some of them (the ones who fall in love with him, and ask him to leave his wife, and daughter)



I recall BoingBoing having a reference to this movie not too long back…

But anyway:

The movie had a Playboy magazine pictorial tie-in.

April, 1971.

My first Playboy ever.

Memmmm orreeessss …


Misogynistic, wrongheaded, and the acting is pretty unconvincing. It’s nice to know Roddenberry toned it down, but what was left is still kind of a mess. I first saw it ten years after reading the Playboy piece and was shocked at how shoddy it all was. All it really had going for it was the nudity.


On the heels of losing Glen Frey, I’m reminded of one of the better Eagles tracks


Well, to be fair, nudity is worth watching. But not if I have to listen to the Osmond Brothers.


To misquote Tom Servo, “say, do you think some science fiction creators have issues with women?”


…and Angie Dickinson in full cougar mode. But mostly just the nudity.


If they reissue it, they can replace the Osmonds with the perfect song for this movie: The Sex Pistols (nudge nudge!) doing “Pretty Vacant.”

If that’s too expensive, go with Los Punkrockers. They really twist it.

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