Prevent your bike from getting swiped with Via Velo's double locking system

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Link for the BBS


Not a particularly good lock design and that frame mount would interfere with my water bottle holder. The video completely ignores the likelihood that a thief will grab the saddle quickly. If I lock with a cable, it has to run through the saddle frame too.

Queue the lockpicking lawyer videos.


I only found out about the Lock Picking Lawyer thanks to Boing Boing shrug emoji


I am always somewhat disappointed that no one has come up with a lock system for saddles and quick release wheels that protects these things that does not require disassembly before use; just requiring a key to unlock these things.

Although to be honest, I’ve heard that a good zip tie on or through the quick release post holding it in the attached position will often persuade a seat or wheel thief to move to the next bike down the line… and make accidents less likely to boot! It does, however, make the quick release much harder to use.

(And is using a cable to lock the wheels through the same lock as the frame lock really going to slow down anyone that much? I guess it makes it harder to steal just the wheel, but it feels like if they defeat the lock then it doesn’t slow them down much, but if you put it on a separate lock they would have to defeat two locks, which might slow them down a lot more.)

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So, watching the video that the company had the vloggers make and is linked to within the post:

Is the way that he is treating his wife misogamy, sexism, or racism? I really can’t tell…)

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You may wish to look at this seat leash to secure the seat.

Note, this will deter the more casual “crime of opportunity” of swiping the seat and post, but will not stop a determined thief who had the foresight to bring some basic tools to dismantle the seat to claim the prize.

Otherwise threading the loose end through the lock body may help in that department, but that is an extra step each time the bike is locked up.

Angle grinder w/cutoff wheel, noisy, efficient, hey, I got a new bike.

Also as noted already, let’s see the LPL get his hands on this (which doubtless he will).

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Bottle jack – much quieter.

  1. This is a single locking system
  2. 35 dollars on amazon
  3. See LPL Video Above

Under a minute (1:24 - 2:21) before it popped and then LPL mentioned it was “on the bottom end of the bell curve”.

Sounds like typical BB Store stuff!

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Lock Picking Lawyer has a lock for his cheap bike that is “probably good enough”.


And that Kryptonite lock is only $35 more than this shitty lock. One more item on the “don’t cheap out” list


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