Previously unreleased 1973 Steely Dan performance of "Show Biz Kids" surfaces

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That is phenomenal. Can we edit the f-bomb back in somehow?


And a 1973-network bleeped “Show business kids makin’ movies 'bout themselves, You know they don’t give a f*ck about themselves.”

That should be “anybody else.”

Whole different meaning really.


wow, that was great – Skunk shredded that solo. this is the most '70s thing i’ve seen today, for sure. those backup singers!


This is a year before the live version of ‘Boddhisatva’ that appeared as the B-side of the ‘Hey Nineteen’ single. I once knew a guy who had a bunch of early Steely Dan bootlegs. I know more is out there.


I have a whole concert bootleg CD of them playing Memphis in 1974, with Denny Diaz and the Skunk-man on guitar. It is really good sound quality and is a great snapshot of a band that was so weird, but so great. I wonder if anyone has video from that gig?
Anyway, a quick google search led me here. This is the audio only of the same bootleg.


Great recording. Pretzel Logic had been released just a few weeks earlier, so most of the audience likely didn’t have the record yet. And the single for ‘Rikki’ was release 10 days after this show, so it wasn’t a hit at that point. This would explain the somewhat subdued reaction from the audience. It would make it to #4 on the Billboard charts that summer – and it was everywhere.


I’m not sure I understand … this song is from Countdown to Ecstasy … d’oh, you’re referring to the Memphis bootleg.

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