…Among the open pages on his iPhone was one that appeared to show a pornographic video titled “Naughty Tbabe Mistress,” which features Australian transgender adult model Marissa Minx.


What could he do? Porn just magically appeared on his phone (after he searched for it). /s


It’s obviously a liberal conspiracy to make him look bad.

Edited to add that his show was obviously hacked; a Democrat cabal hijacked his feed and substituted counterfeit footage of an actor browsing porn for Jones” real content. When you’re u look closely it’s laughably easy to see the difference, assuming you haven’t been brainwashed by the fluoride and the microwave laser transmissions, which describes exactly no one here.

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That really is the story he’s going with. Maybe it will fool the olds who are scared of the internet, but seniors I know are just fine with the net and they know porn doesn’t just magically appear.

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I bet she’s not thrilled with the endorsement.

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But according to Jones, porn appears on people’s phones all the time without them wanting it to.

Um maybe you should have look into that, Jonsey.

“Everyone’s had porn pop up on their phones hundreds of times.”

Yeah, when you look for it.

What’s next, it was “research” on the opposition?

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Nah, Deep StateTM double secret agents hacked his phone. Obviously.


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