Pent-up Mike Johnson is so distrustful, he spies on his son (and vice verse)

Originally published at: Mike Johnson spies on son with app

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Gross and invasive.


@Carla_Sinclair Re-boing.



Eyeroll at performative narcissism.
As if both of them genuinely, really only have one phone, for real, that they use all the time, for everything.

“Second, secret phone? Never heard of it. Never even heard of burner phones you can pay-as-you-go for the low, low price of buy minutes with a gift card.”


Pretty sure we’re in the increasing rate part of media uncovering suspicious discoveries about magaMikey. (One gathers that this ‘son’ is not yet(?) adopted, a mere 11 years younger than the Mikester, and they’re sharing their porn viewing activities …oh and Mikey has zero money in the bank despite earning ~200k/year) Still the largest to date is a holier than thou bible-thumper who thinks trump is all that and worthy of overthrowing democracy for. -sigh-


You know, to each their own on what they want to partake in. But when people want to go out of their way to prove they aren’t doing something, that instantly makes me think they are doing something.

“See, I got porn tracking software, there is no way I could be looking at porn!” Meanwhile he has a storage unit full of Hustler or something.

It’s like a mob boss going, “Tear the place apart, detective - no guns, no drugs, no dead bodies anywhere on this property.”


Huh. Yeah, that’s a completely normal thing to be doing with your offspring. I’m sure this mutual spyware also covers laptops, desktops, and physical materials, right?

I wonder if he and his son are playing keyholder for one another?


How does either know the other does not have a second phone?

@Carla_Sinclair It’s vice versa not vice verse

(And a Coke to @Mongrove )


It grabs everything.

Some of these apps monitor everything their users see and do on their devices, even taking screenshots (at least one per minute, in the case of Covenant Eyes) and eavesdropping on web traffic, WIRED found.


This is my shocked face. I am completely shocked that grifters would be harming these gullible fools thusly. No really I am.

staring orange is the new black GIF

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