Republicans want you to forget their new Speaker is an election-denying MAGA

Originally published at: Republicans shout down journalist

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Sorry, I forgot to forget.

Spread the word, vote out the cowards who made MJ Speaker.


I would love to hear what Johnson’s Black “son” would say about him

During the hearing, Johnson disclosed that he and his wife, Kelly, “took custody” of a black teenager named Michael when they were newlyweds.
“Many of my colleagues in this committee may not be aware, in addition to our four children at home, my wife and I have a much older son who happens to be African American,” he said. “We took custody of Michael and made him part of our family 22 years ago when we were just newlyweds and Michael just 14 and out on the streets and on a dangerous path.”

Michael is not mentioned in Johnson’s official biographies that name his four younger children. Johnson’s spokeswoman Ainsley Holyfield declined to elaborate on their relationship.

(in his lying he also seemed to forget how long he had been married; they had been married 20 years at the time that they supposedly took in this teenager “22 years ago”)


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