Let's learn more about "hard-right legal warrior turned little-known legislator" Mike Johnson, new Speaker of the House

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13 months to the election. I’m hoping we can turn things around, but I am not optimistic.


“Your race, creed, and sex are what you are, while homosexuality and cross-dressing are things you do,” he wrote. "This is a free country…

If only this quote had ended here, it might have been improved. But still yuck.

Also, does anyone else Mike Johnson is actually broadcasting what he is into in his free time in this quote? He doth protest a bit much.


Oddly I’ve never met a neoconservative who claimed they didn’t identify as a straight person until the first time they had intercourse with a person of the opposite sex.


There’s going to be a whole lot of unnatural species out there. What is it, 1500 at last count?


so he doesn’t belong to one of those evangelical churches, does he? No spreading of the Gospel to those outside?

Someone else will probably come along and say this better than I’m about to, but the idea that virulent homophobes are actually closet cases needs to be retired. It’s a tempting formulation because it robs them of power and casts them as hypocrites, but it simultaneously positions homosexuality as a punishment and that’s not okay. Most homophobes are not closet cases, they’re just fucking assholes. Mike Johnson is certainly one of these.


For sure. Just reacting to the very specific things he said. Not trying to rob him of his power or authority or anything. Just saying that is a very specific example. As for me, I just feel sad that is how he sees the world.


i’m so confused, i heard this morning how kind and caring he was:

Like I said, he’s a nice guy. On Tuesday night, as all of this was starting to come together, I was having a conversation with Florida Republican Kat Cammack. She told me about how kind she thinks Johnson is, which I have to imagine was really important after all these weeks of fighting

Morning news brief : NPR

and that’s from the npr politics podcast editor, so i know it must be true :confused:

how anyone who’s seeking to erase the rights of women, the existence of gay and trans people, and a person who voted to support fascism can be characterized as “nice” and “kind” with no pushback or commentary is both absurd and painful

thank god, he says “heck” when he’s angry


I used to work with a guy named Mike Johnson. He was an asshole, too. I’m trying not to start believing everyone with that name is an asshole, but I think it’s 1-2 for the people I can think of off the top of my head, assuming the sprinter Michael Johnson isn’t an asshole.


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This. Also, he’s a climate change denier, and is the most well bribed/payed by oil and coal people. Causing hurricanes, storms, heat waves, fires to be worse is not kind. Increasing pollution is not kind. Increasing famine and disease is not kind.



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No, it’s still awful and just plain wrong. The dogwhistles are obvious to LGBTQIA+ people, and people who escaped abusive religious groups.



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Johnson turns out to offer the perfect example of how in today’s gerrymandered world, people can ride to the highest levels of power without facing a real election their entire careers .

Which means they can be complete extremists and never face accountability for it. It also means that not only do they not know democracy, they actually come to fear it . Not just because they have never experienced it, but because it poses the biggest risk to their grasp on power.


A Federal Election Commission investigation ruled in 2022 that American Ethane made political campaign contributions using funds derived from loans from foreign entities ultimately owned by Russian nationals and that American Ethane had “zero domestic funds available” to make those contributions.

Wot? Newsweek is saying this? Wow.