Priest accidentally invalidates thousands of baptisms by using the wrong pronouns

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This could really be worrisome for the devout. This error has been going on for decades? Some people who were baptized may have already passed away, which means that scenario really did play out (in some people’s minds). Imagine that you show up at the pearly gates, get denied entry, and you are sent to hell, or that in-between state called purgatory (I think) for all eternity. And it wasn’t even your fault! What a fcked up system!

We would never let our Catholic mother-in-law watch the kids when they were babies because we had a suspicion that she would take them to her local Catholic place and have them undergo this ceremony. To this day, she worries about their souls. Hmm.


Dog Damn it!


I guess they’re all going to Hell. Oh well, live and learn!


God knows that humans are imperfect, so why doesn’t he run all the prayers and stuff through a divine Grammarly first?


Also like … I don’t think English is God’s native language? Maybe there’s no distinction between singular and plural pronouns in Adamic?


Apparently god is that 13 year old arguing on Reddit who thinks he won the argument because you misspelled a word.


It is common knowledge that an all loving, all forgiving, all powerful entity such as this god fellow ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT LOVE OR FORGIVE SINGLE WORD PLURAL PRONOUNS USED BY MISTAKE IN PACE OF A SINGLE WORD SINGULAR PRONOUN!
That was of course one of the commandments lost to time and the last thing Jesus wanted to say before he was stabbed in the side and said “Ouch that hurt” instead.

/s obviously as a apostate myself, things like this being of ANY importance boil my blood and at the same time allow me to laugh


Also: is this REAL Holy Water™, or just spring water you said a few prayers over?


So, what does it take to get into heaven?

A really, really good proof-reader.

(Well, that counts me out… eh.)


I can assure you that this couldn’t happen. I have enough trouble getting my kid through the sacraments as someone who is baptized, but not Roman Catholic. There’s a lot of paperwork and class time for this stuff.


Jesus and his lawyer are coming back…


Hm. So Jesus is very insistent about pronouns and will become offended to the point of sending you to hell if you don’t use the ones he has asked you to. I am making a note of this in case I ever happen to end up in a disagreement about respecting desired pronouns with a Catholic…


What is happening to Fr. Andres next?](Addressing the Validity of Baptisms - The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix)

Fr. Andres is resigning his position as pastor of St. Gregory Parish in Phoenix effective February 1, 2022. He has not disqualified himself from his vocation and ministry, but, with the help of the Holy Spirit and in communion with diocesan leadership, he will dedicate his energy and full-time ministry to helping and healing those who were invalidly baptized. He remains a priest in good standing.

I see how it works. The church quietly shuffles around the sexual predators and publicly shuffles the one who used a different pronoun for the magic sky-fairy words.


Oh, it’s much deeper than this, too. This priest baptized other priests. Other priests have come forward saying they used the word “we.” There are a huge number of catholics likely walking around that are not “legally” catholic. People need to be aware that Catholicism is both a religion and a literal nation-state. So there are rules on this that apply to members of the religion that mean a lot of people are going to have to be rebaptized and some papal bulls are going to have to legitimize the sacraments that did occur.

Here’s an example from my life.

My father is catholic, my mother, protestant. They married in a catholic church after she converted doing all the classes, forms, ceremonies, and such. This makes them married in the eyes of the catholic “state.” It means we’re fast tracked to the sacraments as kids, getting to dive right into baptism , first communion, confirmation, etc.

Now imagine that my mom wasn’t really catholic? Well, that means that the marriage sacrament falls. Which means we’re not fast tracked for those sacraments as kids now because the marriage isn’t recognized in the church. (For marriages outside the church that convert into the church, there’s a process/sacrament to catholicize the marriage). Which means we didn’t legally take those sacraments. Which means we’re not catholics.

Now writ this large, amongst all the sacraments, and then understand that priests that were baptized under the “we” are also not catholics, which means all the sacraments THEY performed are invalid, etc.

I get that this is a “religion thing” and that’s not major to a lot of people, and that’s fine, but this is the most legalistic bureaucratic church in history, they keep records of everything. This isn’t just a few thousand baptisms by one priest. It’ll have knock on effects.


From what I gather it’s becoming a much bigger issue.

Priest have since been discovering that they themselves were baptized with the wrong phrasing.

Meaning they’re not priests.

Meaning none of the baptisms, last rights, marriages etc that they’ve performed are religiously valid.

Yeah you can’t just swing by a church and toss some water on a baby. At least not with the Catholics.


I was baptized and apparently it didn’t take, because I can’t stand going to church.

Now I know-- the priest musta done it wrong.


You have to say the spell exactly right if you want it to work


My new startup, religious title insurance.

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