Primitive Technology: Planting Cassava and Yams

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Except there were no cassava in Australia before the English settlers came. And yams were cultivated in Polynesia and Melanesia around Australia but NOT in Australia itself where it was the bush yam that was collected (not cultivated) and could be a hassle to dig up because it was more than 90 cm below ground.
In any case, kudos to this guy for doing wordless DIY but this is no “primitive” technology

I’m guessing he also knows how to process cassava so that it is no longer poisonous.


I was wondering about that, too. I’m disappointed the video ended before harvest, preparation, and consumption, but maybe that’ll be a later one.


And he did it with NO HELP from Russia’s potash king.

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How did primitive man grow his primitive video camera?

Why assume that the only primitive technologies that he is interested in are those native to Australia?


I wouldn’t be surprised if he did a video on that like he did for the moreton bay chestnut.

I love those videos. The knowlege may also come in handy soon. That is if I can escape to the mountains before the nukes drop.

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with nothing but the clothes on his back

Actually he doesn’t even have clothes on his back, I’ve only ever seen him in a pair of shorts!

He does amazing stuff though and is clearly a very hard worker.

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There’s a subreddit that discusses his and similar vids.

He would have published a video about that, but, well…


Rule 34 versions?

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