Primitive Technology: shrimp trap


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Watch these videos, Mutants.

Take them to heart.

When the Intertubes are a distant memory and the CostCos have all been looted, you’ll be thankful for the knowledge.


I skip forward through most online videos and/or play them at high speed, but his videos don’t require this. They are edited down to the interesting parts. (Probably using editing software he made out of sticks and clay.) Good stuff.


Sorely needed today.


Looks like you forgot shrimp and yams, Pvt. Blue.


These are just therapeutic. Thanks again.


This guy starts a fire like a boss.


Yes; He does.


I’ve bookmarked his site, just because I appreciate the competency. Although if I need to make a fire using his pump drill, having it bookmarked isn’t likely to help me.


Right? Where is the laminated fire proof book version! I need that for my go-bag.


I’m really starting to wish i had started building a library of the Foxfire books before today.

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