Primitive Technology: smelting iron in a brick furnace

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This guy is an absolute legend. He walks into the woods in nothing more than his shorts and proceeds to build all sorts of shelters, weapons, fish/shrimp traps, baskets, clay bricks, firing kilns, and on and on. He never speaks because he never has to - his videos are done so well, nothing additional needs to be said. He has a youtube channel that is often copied using similar names, so be sure you are watching the right one. He usually has a wordpress doc that goes more in-depth on what he is doing for each video. Funny: the running joke is that he will eventually just build himself a 747 and fly out.


The Iron-Age cargo pants are one thing, but Iā€™d definitely want some kind of footgear when working around all that hot stuff.

We should probably study up, as this is the way will all be living when the fossil fuels are used up.

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Make sure you turn on the captions though!

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